The Basics Of Conservative Beliefs

donkey_elephantConservative beliefs revolve around the ethic of personal responsibility, individual initiative and using the Constitution of the United States as a basis of how we as citizens should order our lives. As far as the role of government, it should exist to provide and protect the freedom of the people to pursue their own goals and pursuits.

Conservative beliefs hold that people who are in difficulty from hunger, disease, and depravation through no fault of their own should be offered assistance, but that they should not live off of the backs of the people through welfare unless they are totally incapable of working at something from a physical or a mental standpoint.

Conservative beliefs champion the opportunity that the individual has to create his or her own future through hard work and dedication to a cause, vocation, or as an entrepreneur. It is not the role of government to provide for and guarantee that no one will be without. Government is not capable of creating jobs because it is simply using tax dollars to do so, which is very inefficient. The only jobs it creates results in top heavy bureaucracies that perpetuate themselves, create huge bottlenecks of regulations, increases taxes until they become burdensome, and results in the bogging down of real growth.

Conservatives believe that human life begins at conception, as evidenced by the fact that the fetus is a living organism. Also the fact that if a pregnant woman is murdered, the murderer is tried as having killed two people in many states.

Conservatives believe that people should be hired on as employees based upon their ability, not on their racial status. This is evidenced by the large increase over the past 30 years of black people who have taken it upon themselves to gain their education to become doctors, attorneys, leaders of their communities, and so forth.

Individual freedom creates responsibility and when the to go together, there is a positive result for the individuals and for society as a whole.